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A WILD KYOGRE! Captain Lana Was Not Lying! Pokemon Moon EXTREME RANDOMIZER Nuzlocke Part 12

Pokemon Moon EXTREME RANDOMIZER NUZLOCKEfull playlist: https://goo.gl/6zNmdQPokemon Sun and Moon EXTREME RANDOMIZER NUZLOCKETo support my channel: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/mrshaw...Any questions? Dont feel afraid to leave a comment.3DS ROM HACK TOOLS: https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DSNuzlocke Rules:1 - FIRST Encounter in each area must be caught2 - Must nickname all caught pokemons3 - If a pokemon faints, you are not allowed to use it anymore. Its considered dead.Extra rules:-No Gift Pokemons allowed(except starter)-Battle style set-Repeat Pokemons allowed to catch-No Exp. ShareDisclaimer:Pokemon is owned by Gamefreak, Creatures inc, Pokemon Company and Nintendo.I am using the game and recording the footage with a 3DS video capture device.Reaction, education information and live commentary is recorded alongside it.If you have any questions or problems with this video, please contact me on [email protected] use only.