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[Elsword NA]Noblesse Rain of Chaos Review

Before NB got this skill, I thought NB's combination skills were weak despite with loooooooooong delay.However, this is different. Strong and fast!I didn't mention in this video, but this has relatively short after-delay.It took longer than before, but I didn't have the buff this time + KoG increased HP of every monsterBGM Info:Stella Glow - Shop BGMMaplestory - Edelstein Park BGMStella Glow - 藍桜Stella Glow - Fiery Night彩音 ~xi-on~ - 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic PrincessOverwatch - Play of the Game BGMNaver Blog: http://swh5353.blog.meTumblr Blog: http://leki3788.tumblr.com