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Fallout 4 Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

Part 2 (Season Pass Edition):► https://youtu.be/IR_jTBlvyO4Watch Fallout New Vegas Easter Eggs And Secrets:► https://youtu.be/cqBOQ1wiK4gAll Easter Eggs, Secrets, Best References, Interesting stuff and Trivia found in Fallout 4 (base game). It does NOT include any DLCs, there'll be a separate video for DLC compilation.The thumbnail picture credit goes to ShädmanMusic: Fallout 4 OST Rebuild RenewThe List:01. UFO Spaceship And Alien With Gun02. Happy Birthday Sweet Roll (Fallout 3)03. Nirnroot (The Elder Scrolls)04. Iron Helmet (TES: Skyrim)05. Codsworth Calling Names (Fuckface, Boobies, Titties, Freeman)06. JAWS07. Blade Runner Rooftop Scene08. Good Will Hunting Chalkboard Scene09. Grand Theft Auto IV Niko10. Toro The Playstation Mascot Cat11. Vault Tec Rep The Ghoul12. Flux Sensor (Alien)13. King's Skeleton (The Cask of Amontilado)14. The Blues Brothers15. Sons of Anarchy16. Teddy Reading a Newspaper (Ted)17. Commodore 6418. Retro Game: Red Menace (Donkey Kong)19. Retro Game: Pipfall (Pitfall)20. Retro Game: Grognak & The Ruby Ruins21. Retro Game: Zeta Invaders (Space Invaders)22. Retro Game: Atomic Command (Missile Command)23. Iron Battle Axe (TES: Oblivion)24. The Red Seat (Fenway Park's Lone Red Seat)25. Cheers! Bar26. Japanese Noodles Bar27. TES Sign28. Secret Developers Room29. Bank Robbery30. G.A.R.Y. (Gary Clones)31. Vault Tec Number32. Public Holidays (Halloween And Christmas)Subscribe to support my channel! Thank you for watching!~ The One And Only ~