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Future Pokemon Evolutions

Pokemon Evolutions You Wish Existed, here are some fakemon (fake pokémon made by fans) that would be good to see in the games and anime (in my opinion of course). Focusing more in the ones from generation 1 (Kanto Pokémon evolutions and pre-evolutions).Keep in mind that I decided to not put a new evolutionary stage for the ones that already have 2 evolutions in a row like Pichu-Pikachu-Raichu.HOPE YOU LIKE THIS KIND OF VIDEO!Well, some guys have done this already, I think it's a pretty good idea so I decided to do it too!-----------------------------CREDITS [ART]:Venomoth: Smiley FakemonMarowak: ""Dragonite: Lucas-CostaFearow: ???Golduck: ???Paras: PatchmanParasect azul: Ironwolf09Sandslash: TheblueflamesArbok: ???Ninetales: ???Rapidash: Phatmon66Dewgong: BobertbraWeezing: Phatmon66Lickitung: ???Kangaskhan: Fer goLapras (pre): LostButterfly92Lapras: ???Snorlax: CscdgnpryCharizard: Phatmon----------------------CREDITS [SONG]:.Arion.DustZallax