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How to Close the Big Gate on Diamond City in Fallout 4!

In this video, I'll answer the question that many viewers asked during my Diamond City Secret Stash Room video... Can we close the gate above Diamond City? Well, let's experiment and see!REFERENCED Videos in this Episode:◉ How to Get Up There video: https://youtu.be/nIi4LoSooCY◉ Unlimited Falling video: https://youtu.be/akYhSCYXRqI◉ The Game Tutor: https://goo.gl/JNShH9◉ Xtra Kredit Playlist: http://bit.ly/xtra-kredit◉ The Fallout 4 Playlist: http://bit.ly/fallout4walkthrough★ Click here to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SkooledZone★ Follow me on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/SkooledZone★ And check out the website: http://SkooledZone.comIf you enjoyed this video, show that like button some love and share the video around. Thanks for watching!✌